Air Freight

CARS are able to offer a fully-inclusive worldwide Air Freight service through its network of global agents. If your car has a high value, or is urgently required at a location, Air Freight will dramatically reduce any transit time.

Recognising the safety of your car as being paramount, we generally recommend a ‘main deck’ freighter option. If your vehicle is of particularly high-value or delicate to handle, we can also offer you one of our specially designed, re-useable dedicated wooden flight crates. This will ensure the maximum safety of your vehicle during transit.
Car Air Freight
As part of our comprehensive Air Freight service, we will;

  • Collect your vehicle (if required)
  • Make the appropriate Airline booking
  • Receive your vehicle at our export warehouse
  • Complete all Customs formalities. Please see our Customs Brokerage section for further information.
  • Complete Airline Security and Hazardous Goods pre-checks
  • Witness your car through aircraft pallet loading / unloading
  • Pre-alert the nominated arrival agent to process the arrival formalities for release
  • Arrange the onward delivery of your vehicle (if required)

Should you own or purchase a car anywhere in the world, we are able to arrange all of the above formalities in reverse, setting up and monitoring the entire process from start to finish.

If required, we can also arrange Cargo Insurance for all Air Freight shipments (quotation upon request). This would be covered under our worldwide policy. This will provide you with peace of mind and not sleepless nights.